Travel Channel

  • The Travel Channel is an American pay channel that is developed by Discovery, inc.
  • The features of the channel are documentaries, reality and how to telecast shows throughout the world.
  • The broadcasting includes shows about African animal safaris, grand hotel, and resorts tours, visiting important cities and towns throughout the world, programs on food items, and shows on ghosts and paranormal in popular monuments.
  • The launching of the channel was at 1978 and was found by TWA Marketing services, assumed to raise the airline patronage

Travel Channel Go app 

  • The Users can watch Travel Channel Go app anywhere, firstly, download the Travel Channel Go app and with access to live TV
  • complete episodes of all the favorable shows like Ghost Adventures, Mysteries at the Museum, The Dead Files, etc
  • Similarly, log in with the TV provider username and password.
  • The user can also download the Travel Channel on the Roku device and activate it via

Famous shows of Travel channel

  • A Haunting
  • Alaska -Water and Ice
  • Alaska Treasure Hunters
  • All American sideshow
  • All-star Halloween Speculator
  • America Declassified
  • Beach Town Countdown
  • Big city, little Budget
  • Big Crazy Family Adventure
  • Cities of Underworld
  • Crazy Delicious
  • Dad on Board
  • Eat, Drink, Haggle
  • Epic Campsites
  • Greatest Sandwiches of America
  • Josh Gates: After Dark
  • Mysteries at Buckingham palace
  • Mysteries at the Vatican
  • My Haunted House
  • Off the Map
  • Retro Eats
  • Samantha Brown
  • Strange Evidence
  • These Woods are Haunted
  • Xtreme Screams
  • Xtreme Waterparks

Travel Channel on Roku –

  • Travel Channel is now available on Roku for the users who receive it as a part of a subscription to a participating TV
  • Firstly, all that needs to be done is to download the Travel Channel on Roku
  • Secondly, choose the payment method is required
  • To activate the Travel Channel on Roku, visit
  • Finally, select the Pay TV provider from the drop-down list and submit

Travel Channel Developer’s point

  • Firstly, the main motive is to travel the whole world and explore different places and people
  • Secondly, there is live streaming on the complete episodes of shows that includes Expedition Unknown, Foods, etc

How to Download Travel Channel on the Roku device?

  • Firstly, press the Star button on the Roku remote
  • After that, on the Roku home screen, access the Roku store to search for the channel
  • Secondly, in the Find bar of the Roku store, type Travel channel and wait for the results
  • After that, pick up the correct channel from the result and read the complete description of the channel
  • Next, choose the payment method if it is a pay channel or else simply click the Add channel option
  • Finally, the addition of the channel will take place and activate it the user must visit

How to activate Travel Channel on Roku?

  • Further, the activation process takes a long period and this can be only done after visiting
  • Firstly, after completing all the above steps, the user can find a code on the TV screen
  • Further note down the code and now reach
  • Secondly, enter the link code in the box given
  • and then choose the Pay TV provider from the drop-down list
  • finally, click the Submit button and hence the channel activation starts
  • This might take a longer time to get complete

Download the Travel Channel on the Roku device from the Roku app store and visit to enter the code and activate the channel. Visit for further updates.

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