How to Watch Oscars on Roku?

It is the time of the year which makes people go crazy as the expectation builds upon their favorite artists to see if they are anywhere near to get an OSCAR. The academy awards, popularly known as “the Oscars” are not just your usual award ceremony. The Oscars on Roku became so influential, that other awards are compared to Oscars. It set a benchmark that is toiled under the fiery passion of artists for almost 92 years now. The award is so prestigious that even filtering to the nomination is considered worthy. A statistics report shows that actors get up to 81% salary hike after winning an Oscar, not to mention the unfathomed popularity to the actors. This blog will pave way for you to watch such a prestigious award on your Roku device.

The Oscar award is not an easy task. Versatile actors like Leonardo Di Caprio, Joaquin Phoenix, and Mathew McConaughey have been on the list for so many years before they win an award. The Oscars on Roku panel is an expert’s amalgamation that has been a film critic for so many years and has in-depth knowledge about film making and acting. It purely looks for the talent that could simply gain the compliment “divine” from the panel. It is a battle of artisanship where only the apex predators compete.

Oscars on Roku 2020

You can watch the Oscars on the following channels.

  • YouTube TV
  • HULU with Live TV
  • AT&T TV now
  • Playstation Vue

Basically, the ABC network is the official broadcaster of the Oscars. Many other local channels will also telecast the Oscars 2020. Last year there was a special all Oscar passes that you can view from the twitter itself. It is still unknown if any such thing is available this time, but fingers crossed we are hoping for that.

There are also many websites like Vogue and VanityFair where you can watch the Oscars 2020.

YouTube TV

This is one of the simplest ways to watch the Oscars 2020. The subscription would cost you around 40 bucks per month but will include an array of local channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, HBO, etc. Oscars2020 are streamed here without any problem. There are many other options available that you can access by generally searching for the program in the channel.


To get most of the regional sports network HULU live TV is something to opt for. The thing is, along with these channels ABC network is also available to watch. This is such a win-win situation for the customers. The subscription will cost around 40 bucks for HULU live TV, but if you already have HULU on demand, then it will cost you only 32$ per month. HULU is also available across many streaming devices, which is a relief.

Playstation vue

Originally belongs to the Sony entertainment, Playstation Vue is one of the channels that will stream the Oscars 2020 as many other channels are included in it. Channels like AMC, animal planet, CNBC, BBC are available in this channel. The subscription rate is a bit costlier than the other channels. It costs around 55$ for the base plan and can go up to 85$ per month. If you don’t like the traditional channels like YouTube and HULU TV, then this should be your go-to.

AT&T TV now

The channel includes a lot of local networks from your area. This also has a lot of customizability options of the channels. This should definitely be in your bucket list if you want to watch Oscars on Roku 2020. The cost for subscription is around 40$ per month.

A shortcut

There is a shortcut available for all these above mentioned channels through which you can stream the Oscars on Roku 2020. In most of the channels, there is a 7-day free trial available that lets you access all the content for free. You can choose to discontinue the service if you don’t want it anymore as there are no bonds or contracts involved.

So start a free trial, a day before the Oscar event and get 7 day access and don’t pay for the whole channel just to watch a single event. But we would suggest you to subscribe for the full version as it is worth paying for the content that is available.

Other ways to watch the Oscars on Roku 2020

1. Using an antenna

You can always stream the ABC network using an OTA i.e. an off-air antenna. They are not even that costly, but there is a catch though. You can use that only in a Roku TV. If you don’t have one, try using the standard Tablo DVR/HD homerun to connect it with the Roku. An antenna can take up signals from a very long distance, this means there are going to be a ton of local channels available. You can even watch ABC networks, the official telecaster of the Oscars 2020.

2. Using a VPN

You can use a VPN service to change your IP location to some other region and voila, you can access a lot of local channels without any hassle. There are a lot of regional channels on other regions that will allow you to watch the Oscars 2020, but you should remember that there will be a time shift from their region to your region. So ensure that you add in this factor too or else you will end up watching some other regional programs.

For further information regarding Oscars on Roku, contact our support team. Get your popcorn ready and invite your friends to your place, watch this year’s Oscar 2020 on Roku and chill out. Visit Roku com link for more info.

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