If your tv doesn’t have the HDMI port then don’t get worried. Roku has the special model Roku express+ which you can connect to the old model tv. In this guide, you can learn about how to Connect Roku to TV Without HDMI Port.

Here is the idea about how to connect Roku TV without HDMI port?

  • By using the Roku express+ model you can connect with your old model tv using the composite cables
  • If your tv has the USB port then you can connect the Roku using the USB cable also
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Roku express plus features

  • Roku express plus turns your old tv into the smart tv
  • Composite cables, as well as the HDMI cables, are available
  • Easy HD streaming on your old tv
  • Available on the cheap and affordable cost

How to Connect Roku to TV Without HDMI

How to Connect Roku to TV Without HDMI?

  • It is only possible in Roku express+ streaming stick
  • Here are the steps to connect the Roku express + with your old model tv

Instruction to connect the Roku express plus with your tv

  • Unpack your Roku express plus device
  • Check that you have received all the components with the package
  • Then start to fix the composite cables to the particular slots
  • Make sure that you fix the yellow cable to the yellow color slot on the tv
  • For the white and red color, cable fix it on their particular color slots
  • And power up the Roku device
  • If everything is done, then insert the fresh batteries to the remote
  • Once you power up the Roku, you will receive the Roku logo on the screen
  • Then you will be asked to set the initial setup for the device activation

What are the steps to be done after the alignments of the composite cables?

  • If you power up the Roku, you will be asked to add the location, language on the device
  • Then add the wireless network to the Roku device
  • Now you have to work on the Roku account activation

How do I create the Roku account?

  • Visit the Roku page and start to create the Roku account
  • Enter the required credentials to activate your Roku account
  • As soon as you create the Roku account, you will receive the activation code on the screen
  • Note the code and visit the Roku page and enter the activation code on it
  • Now your Roku account is activated and you can log in your Roku account on the device
  • After the login, you can add the channels using the Roku channel store

Troubleshooting issues on connecting the composite cables

  • If you face any audio video issues, then check that you have inserted the composite cables on the particular slots
  • Ensure that the cables have got any damage if yes, then replace the cables

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