How to Connect Google Home to Roku?

A brief on Google Home 

Google Home is started by Google under the Google Nest brand and it is a line of intelligent speakers. The devices enable the users to talk and use voice instructions to communicate with the services via Google Assistant. This can be used to playback entertainment throughout the home and the user can control with the voice-over command.

Roku streaming players

A Roku player is a small device that permits you to easily install and enjoy the internet on a TV screen and this is the streaming process. The users can stream channels that include Netflix, Prime Video, ITV Hub on the TV and can get more than 100,000 movies and TV episodes. For this, all that has to be done is to simply set up the device, create the Roku account and activate it for adding the channels. How to connect Google Home to Roku is super simple and the setup is also quick

How to Connect Google Home to Roku

The Android application names Quick Remote connects the Google Home smart speaker and Roku streaming device, enabling the users to control the TV with Google Home and voice commands. Here, there is a guideline How to Connect Google Home to Roku


  • Firstly, the users can fix the speakers to any of the devices at home, connect them with Google Home and now the entertainment starts
  • Secondly, the audio quality of the device is extremely amazing and the voice technology is more convenient
  • One can enjoy music at home using this Google Home app and the voice control

To answer this question, How to Connect Google Home to Rokufirstly, there must be a Google Home app

Using Quick Remote 

  • Firstly, download and install the Quick Remote app on the Android device from the Google Play Store
  • After that, check whether the Roku device and the Android device has the same network access
  • Secondly, launch the Quick Remote app and agree to license agreement
  • The Quick Remote will automatically detect the Roku devices on the wireless network
  • And now touch select a Roku option to see the results
  • Finally, choose the Roku device that you wish to make use

Using Google Home 

  • Firstly, integrate the Quick remotes home screen and touch Sign into Google Home
  • Next, a screen showing the Google accounts whose registration is complete on the Android device will appear
  • And finally, now you can use Roku with the Google Home
  • And these are the steps that answer the question How to Connect Google Home to Roku
  • The Question How to Connect Google Home to Roku has some more steps to complete the setup
  • At first, access the Google Home app and tap the Add + button that is near the Home section
  • Secondly, choose Set up the device and then opt Works with Google
  • After that, go down and find Roku and then choose Roku
  • Next, log in to the account and opt Accept and Continue and then choose the Roku player that you wish to use
  • Finally, on the Add Smart home devices window, select Roku and choose to Add a Room and then opt the room where the Roku is available

How to handle and control Roku using Google Home?

  • After linking both Roku and Google home, now you can begin with trying out the voice commands
  • At first, tell OK Google, let me talk to Quick Remote for the activation of the Quick Remote interface using Google Assistant
  • Secondly, the user can start providing the commands and check whether it works
  • And this answers the question How to Connect Google Home to Roku

Troubleshooting steps to help the users while using Roku and Google Home

Voice orders lost in translation

  • Firstly, access the Quick Remote app and touch the Menu button at the top right corner
  • In there, select Channels and then all the channels that have been set on the Roku like Netflix or Amazon Video will be seen
  • Finally, in case if the Google Assistant is finding difficulty in hearing the voice for a particular channel, launch it and make sure to provide five other names

Trouble while linking to Roku 

  • First of all, launch the Wi-Fi settings of the Android device and check whether the Wi-Fi is on
  • Secondly, in case if the issue persists, allow the Android always connected with the Roku
  • Make sure that the battery optimization for the Quick Remote app by accessing Android Settings—> Battery Optimization

If you face any issues or require more information and details regarding How to Connect Google Home to Rokudial to our technical expert team or visit Roku activate.

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