Roku Streaming Player

  • The Roku streaming device receives a Wi-Fi connection through the wireless router.
  • Firstly, this can provide you with the easiest way to stream entertainment on the TV
  • Most importantly, connect the Roku streaming player to the Home TV and start with the network connection process
  • After setting up the Roku device, it is time to create the Roku account and activate the Roku streaming player via
  • Moreover, only after this, you can proceed with adding the channels and enabling them
  • has some proper guidelines regarding the process of creating or updating the PIN for the Roku account

How to create the Roku account?

  • Launch a web browser on the computer that has the same network access as the Roku streaming device
  • To start creating your account, firstly, the user must head to the Roku sign up site
  • After that, click the link to Sign in to the main page
  • Secondly, click the Create Account option and start to fill in the form to complete the process
  • Now, provide the email address that can get immediate notifications regarding the Roku account
  • Next, build a reliable and secure password for the Roku account using all the specified characters
  • Moreover, make sure to complete all the above details to proceed with the payment method
  • Most importantly, the user must enter the PIN to authorize the purchase on the Roku store
  • After that, it will be the billing information, and the user must choose the mode to pay the bucks
  • It can be using a Credit card, or Paypal will make a more comfortable option
  • Similarly, pay your bucks and get the Roku account
  • Get more information regarding the Roku PIN on

How to activate the Roku streaming device?

  • At first, the user must access the Roku account by providing the credentials given during the account creation
  • Now, the Roku activation code will display on the Roku TV screen or the TV screen
  • Note down the activation code and visit
  • In there, enter the Roku activation code and double-check the activation code before entering it
  • And finally, click the Activate device button to start with the activation process
  • The Roku streaming device activation process will take place via, and it can take some time to get complete
  • Visit you can create the PIN for the Roku account

How to create the Roku PIN or update it for the Roku account?

  • First of all, the selected payment method of the Roku account enables the user to purchase the subscriptions of the channels, rent or buy movies and TV shows
  • Most importantly, the user can create a PIN number to ensure the unauthorized user from purchasing the items from the Roku channel store
  • gives you guidelines on regarding this
  • Firstly, head to the Roku site from the computer or an Android device
  • If it prompts to log in to the Roku account, then sign in using the credentials
  • After that, from PIN preference, choose the Update button
  • Secondly, choose the PIN preference from three options
    1. Always want a PIN to make buying and to get channels from the channel store
    2. Always need a PIN to get purchases
  • If choosing the first two choices, then the user has to enter a four-digit PIN and then choose Verify PIN field for confirmation
  • Similarly, in case if the PIN is ready, enter the PIN in the Verify PIN field
  • Finally, select Save Changes option and then accept the terms of service
  • For more details regarding Roku PIN, then access

Tips and tricks to manage the Roku PIN 

  • TheRoku PIN settings will not require while installing new channels
  • After that, to make use of the PIN purchase, make sure to set up the Payment method from the Roku account
  • Moreover, an outdated payment method can stop from making the purchase using the Roku PIN
  • Similarly, make sure to set the Paypal or credit card as the default payment mode in the Roku account menu
  • Finally, making use of the Roku PIN is the easiest way to purchase from the Roku devices and launch the new content constantly
  • Visit and get a lot of information regarding the Roku account and the PIN setup

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