Easy Guide to Activate the Weather Channel on Roku

Weather Network

  • The Weather TV network is a weather experience that provides a live TV app channel and an interactive app to all the Android TV devices
  • Firstly, you will be able to access the local forecasting details 24X7 giving you updates on the new weather story in your region
  • Moreover, this technology can provide you with weather warning, alerts, traffic alerts, etc. from one-mile from your place
  • Weather Group Television, LLC develops this channel
  • Download this app from Roku app store and stream this by activating it via weathergroup.com/activate


And more about the Weather Channel and its activation

  • Similarly, you can download this app on Roku from the Roku channel store and activate it via weathergroup.com/activate.
  • You can check on up to date latest weather information using this app, and this is the best to provide America’s weather network
  • weathergroup.com/activate is the activation site, and you will have to choose your pay-TV provider to get the channel
  • Secondly, the Weather channel can give you a live news feed of the latest news to the cable channel of those who subscribe to a participating Pay TV service
  • After that, this channel will give 10 free minutes of the live telecast before the TV provider authentication

The Channel description

  • Firstly, you can stay up to date about the popular news of America’s Weather
  • It’s Join Jim Cantore, Stephine Abrams and others who are going to deliver the weather update
  • Moreover, if you want to enjoy their shows, subscribe your Pay TV provider, get the channel on your Roku, activate it using weathergroup.com/activate
  • And that’s it you are all set to know about your Weather details

Supportable streaming devices

  • Roku streaming device
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast

Packages that consists of Weather channel

  • Fubo TV
  • DirecTV Now

Fubo TV and Weather channel

  • Firstly, Fubo TV is one package that is available under the Roku channel store that consists of the Weather channel
  • Moreover, this Weather channel is a one month package under Fubo TV
  • You can subscribe and Download Fubo TV to get the Weather channel, and there is no activation process that you have to do

Weather Channel New avatar

  • The Weather Channel has now launched a new channel known as Local Now
  • Moreover, this channel has a combination of local Weather, new sports and includes other short-form content
  • Similarly, if your town is facing a significant event, the Local Now proffers a live feed from the Weather channel
  • On the other hand, Local Now is now available on Sling TV and Fubo TV


  • Firstly, the Weather channel is available in the packages like Just Right, Go Big and Gotta Have it
  • Similarly, using these subscriptions, you can complete access to the Weather channel with a Live feed of the Hurricane Irma Coverage

Addition and activation of Weather Network on Roku

  • Firstly, press the Roku Home button and go to the Roku Home screen
  • After that, scroll to your left and get the streaming services
  • If the channel is not found, then reach the Roku channel store and type the name of the channel as Weather channel
  • Moreover, you will have to wait for the result and choose Weather channel from the result
  • Secondly, verify about the payment info and choose to Add channel option
  • Similarly, start with the channel activation process by visiting weathergroup.com/activate
  • Next, you can get the channel activation code by accessing the channel app that you downloaded
  • The channel activation code will emerge on the TV screen
  • Now, visit weathergroup.com/activate to start with the activation process
  • In the activation pageenter the channel activation code
  • On the other hand, you must choose the Pay TV provider from the pull-down list
  • After completing with the above, finally, click the Submit button to start with the activation process
  • The channel addition will take place and check it on the Roku channel list by accessing the Roku account after sometime

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