How to Fix DirecTV Now Buffering Issues on Roku?

DirecTV is the amalgamation of all the industry’s best movies, documentaries, TV shows, music, and whatnot. This is worth investing in if you are a bit lazy to dig up but don’t want to miss out on the good stuff. This channel is available on most of the famous streaming devices like FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, etc. Also, there is this wide range of price slab available, starting from 49.99$/mo and goes up to 125$/mo. The base plan includes about 155 channels and the premier plan has almost twice the channels on the base plan. Many sporting events like the college football, NFL, baseball and a lot more are available in the packages within the DirecTV channels. In this blog, we will see about the DirecTV now buffering issues on Roku.

DirecTV now buffering issues on Roku

Be it any channel on any streaming device, the following are the possible reasons why there is buffering while streaming a channel.

  • Unsteady internet connection
  • Problem with the network
  • Traffic issues
  • A technical fault with the channel
  • A technical fault with the streaming device.

Any one of the above reasons or the combination of reasons would be the reason for the channel buffering.

Unsteady Internet Connection

An unsteady internet connection is more common than you think. If your channel is having intermittent connectivity issues, then the most probable cause is the poor Wi-Fi signal or any damage in the internet cable from the modem/router. Wi-fi signals are subjective to the obstructions between the router and the device.


  • Make sure the device is within the range of the modem or router.
  • Check for any kinks or damage in the Ethernet cable. Change the cable if possible.
  • Try using an enhancer or limit the number of devices connected to the network while streaming the channel.

Problem with the Network

If the problem is frequent while normal surfing or on other devices too, then you should consider the possibility of a problem in the internet service provider itself. This could be due to various reasons like an outage, poor connectivity, unpaid bills, limited data plan and a lot more.


  • The best solution is to contact the internet service provider directly and explain the problem to the support team.
  • If there is any technical issue and requires an expert’s touch, then they might be able to help you with the problem.

Traffic Issues

This is a common problem that most of the channels face at some point in time. Suppose if it’s the football match between the national rivals, then almost the entire country would like to take a peek in the game. In these situations, due to the increased users, there might be a delay at the server response time or simply an overload of the server occurs.


  • Wait for a few minutes before you try again to open the channel.
  • If this problem is more frequent, contact the channel’s support team to raise this issue.

Technical Fault with the Channel

If you think the problem is not because of the above reasons, then the problem could be on the channel itself. Channels are not an easy thing to maintain. They run synchronically while a trillion code runs in the background. The servers need maintenance and regular check-ups. There could also be an outage at a particular area due to this.


  • The only practical solution for this problem is to raise this issue with the channel’s authority and be patient until the problem sorts out.
  • Some of the faults like outage get resolved within a few hours to days, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Check out if there are any updates available for the channel.

Technical Fault with the Streaming Device

If all the above boxes are checked out and if you still can’t find what’s causing the DirecTV now buffering issues on Roku, then it is the streaming device. Streaming devices also need proper maintenance and can face errors from time to time. Any external damage on the streaming device could also affect any particular aspect of the device, hence causing various technical issues.


  • Try performing the initial troubleshooting steps like restarting and rebooting the streaming device.
  • Most of the problems rectify when the streaming device reboots or updates itself.
  • If the problem still pertains, please contact the support team.

If you still have doubts on the “DirecTV now buffering issues on Roku”, visit or please contact the support team who are always ready to help you with the situation.