Select The Best Roku Gadget For Streaming –

Let us invite you to the world of streaming and Roku gadget plays the role to offer endless entertainment with Check out the reviews to find the best model that can offer top features and specifications

Select your favorite Roku streaming device; execute the Roku setup to begin streaming

If you are new to Roku gadgets, start the device setup

What are the essential requirements for Roku setup?

  • account
  • High-speed Internet  connection
  • Wireless network credentials – username and password
  • Roku com link enter code link activation

Do you have a account?

Roku device users who do not have a account can create a new one and it’s not a big deal

It’s the Roku account creation page you can visit to find create account steps

  • From your mobile device or tablet, click on the activation URL
  • Internet being the most important requisite, check if the network connection is active
  • As you receive the prompt to provide the required  data, fill the details to proceed
  • You can view the space to type   Name, Email ID and Password
  • Now, click on the submit tab to complete Roku account creation process
  • Note down the Roku account credentials
  • Then visit the page for login

Set the Roku account Pin

It’s always good to secure your Roku account with Roku account Pin and it’s the Pin preference or settings tab to choose

You have three choices here to set Roku account Pin

  • Always require a Pin to make purchases and to add channels
  • Always  require a Pin to make purchases
  • No pin is required to make your purchase

Choose the required option, fill the verify Pin tab and click on the save button. Roku account Pin will be successfully created.

How to link Roku to account

  • To link your Roku account to  Roku device, use the URL and provide the Roku activation code
  • It’s the page www Roku com link enter code where you can  find create account instructions

roku wireless setup

Roku wireless setup

  • As you switch ON your Roku device, a purple screen with Roku Logo will appear on your screen
  • Navigate through the settings, Roku wireless options will appear on the screen
  • Now we recommend entering wireless network username and password
  • The green checkmarks indicate the network-connected status
  • If it’s a red checkmark, troubleshooting is must to get rid of network issues

Roku error codes on

Any Roku gadget that you use will end up receiving Roku error codes. Do not get panic as we have troubleshooting guide to resolve it

  • Common roku error codes

    • Error code 014- Internet issue and it’s good if you check the network settings, credentials, router that you choose
    • Code 009- Internet connection will not be active even though the Router connection is secure
    • Error code 012- Poor network connection
    • Code 006- Configure the system files to overcome this error message
    • Error code 011- Software update issue and can be due to faulty internet connection or Firewall software’s

    Let us troubleshoot link activation issues or not working errors, else streaming will be interrupted

  • Activation errors

    • Check and verify the device activation steps
    • Use the appropriate Roku com link enter code for activation
    • Roku activation code link must be valid
    • Use the available reset settings such as Soft, Hard or Factory reset
  • Internet connection error

    You can’t imagine a world without Internet and if you do not have a good speed internet connection, it’s hard to execute link activate

    If you get stuck with internet connectivity issues

    • Check the network credentials that you choose
    • Select the appropriate wireless settings
    • Disconnect the gadget from the Router
    • Power off your device and Router
    • Switch off your device and router and check if the network issues resolve
  • Activation code error

    Here is the troubleshooting guide to fix Roku activation code error

    • Use the appropriate Roku activation code and Roku activation code link for activation
    • Ensure that you type the code properly on the page
    • Fix the network issues or else you cannot proceed further
    • Also replace the existing Roku com link enter code with a new one

Roku error codes

Roku remote not working

To pair the Roku gadget to Roku TV or to make required selections, Roku remote is used. If your model is brand new, compatible remote will be provided with the device package

Do not know how to fix Roku remote not working error?

  • Check the seating of the batteries
  • Replace the existing batteries with a new one
  • Also power off your gadget and start pairing the remote once again

HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled

HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled

HDCP being the most important content protected standard, it’s important to follow it

If you receive the “HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled” error message on the screen

  • If the connections are not secure, unplug the HDMI cable and plug it after a while
  • Use standard or premium HDMI cable and check the connection
  • Ensure that you fix the cable to appropriate HDMI port

Activate your favorite Roku channels

It’s time to activate the most entertaining Roku channels and you can choose the best

Roku channel categories

  • Free channels – Free to activate
  • Paid channel – Pay the subscription charges
  • Private channel – Requires private channel access code

popular roku channels

Popular Roku Channels

  1. TubiTV- Huge selection of Movies, TV shows, documentaries, Family entertainment, Horror thrillers and much more
  2. Hulu- Activate and you can access Hulu shows
  3. Crackle- Best channel if you love watching the Movies
  4. PBS- Watch the most entertaining PBS channel episodes. It’s the Movies and TV category where you can find the channel
  5. Espn+- Best channel if you love sports. You will never end up bored watching the sports highlights, scores, news updates and a lot more
  6. Popcorn Flix- Watch  your favorite movies on this channel

Facing issue during Roku activation?

Call our expert technicians to activate or troubleshoot your Roku device instantly.

Private channels, the Hidden gems

Private channels or hidden channels require Private channel access code and most streamed and most watch include Nowhere TV, Unofficial Twitch, Wilderness, The Internet Archive and much more

Each channel requires private channel access code. Refer the Roku channel guide to find the code

Login into your Roku account, add the Private channel and select the option, activate channel with code to proceed

Private channel codes

  • Nowhere TV – H9DWC
  • Wilderness – fl821095
  • The Internet Archive – NMJS5

Note- The code differs for each channel and suggest you to choose the appropriate Private channel access code

How to add and activate channels on Roku?

  • It’s easy to activate channels on Roku
  • The first step is to select the streaming  device
  • Complete the device setup and you can set the Language and display
  • Sign in to your Roku account
  • Now start your search to find Roku channels
  • As you receive the search results, select and add the channel
  • If you cannot view the added channel, perform a system update
  • For private channel activation, provide the channel access code

Roku apps to use with your mobile

Roku is on its way to introduce popular channel apps and includes Roku remote app, Photo view app and lot more

PhotoView for Google Photos on Roku – roku-photoview/link

Introducing the Photo View for Google photos and it’s the popular app to use with Roku. Let you browse and display photos and videos from Google photos account

  • Launch the app
  • Follow the onscreen guide and you will be redirected to the settings
  • Use the activation page
  • You  will receive a prompt to enter the code for activation
  • Use the search button to search and  find the  photos, browse videos and lot  more

Click on the page Roku-photoview/link for more updates


Do you require any Roku technical support or activation assistance; reach out to our support team. Our Roku team is certified to answer queries